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About OnoVita

OnoVita is an international couple, Dylan Skinner & Tizana Monaco, who produce travel and lifestyle digital content for non-commercial purposes. Content primarily comes in the forms of YouTubes, Instagrams, and blog articles. Our niche is in Switzerland travel, but we also are inspired to produce content on world travel, international food, and interesting lifestyle subjects. We hope to inspire you to keep exploring in terms of travel, but also within yourself. In the process, we hope to grow from the experience with you. OnoVita was created in February 2018 in Sydney, Australia. We have no prior photography, video editing, and writing experiences. We enjoy this as a hobby, and strive to create professional artistic content.

Background on creators

Tiziana was born to an Italian father and Swiss mother in rural Switzerland. She began traveling by taking small vacations within Europe, but a life calling took her much further. After running a successful hair salon, Tiziana wanted more in her life and decided to move to Australia. There she found a greener pasture, happiness in the sunshine, but like all great things, it came to an end. Just not before she fell in love and married. She had lived abroad for two years, accidently circumnavigated the globe, and came home married. In her heart and mind, the story is just beginning …

Dylan was born to two American parents in Honolulu, Hawaii. He grew up in Colorado and New Jersey. Perhaps it was the moves, or ease of travel with having an airline pilot for a father, but travel means a lot to Dylan. At a young are he was winning geography bees, he became an Eagle Scout, and went to college for engineering.  Even after thru-hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, Dylan longed for more. He quit his job of moved to Australia where he found a new happiness. There, he fell in loved, and moved across in globe to keep the love alive.


Countries visited

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