The benefits of grounding

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Although today we have the chance to travel and keep in touch with people all over the world through technology and multimedia, they are pushing us more and more to disconnect from our body and to lock ourselves in our head. In order not to isolate myself completely, I am talking about an exercise called "energy anchoring", a practice used to connect directly to the earth.

Indeed, being well anchored promotes a good personal balance, it allows us to become aware of our body and its needs, it helps us to our personal and spiritual development and to accept us fully.

Let's find that inner strength!

Grounding can bring us many benefits, such as:

Feel good about yourself

Feel safe and secure

Relieve stress and anxiety

Be more positive and confident about

certain situations

Live in the present moment; "Here and

now "

Letting go with ease

Personal development aid

Have a lot more energy

Avoid repetitive migraines

Live simply, serenely and


To accomplish projects more easily

and his dreams

To love and accept oneself as one is


The ways to ground

There are several methods such as:

Wear red, clothing or stones such as red jasper, carnelian,

tourmaline etc.

Work the land, garden, weed, plant seeds, whether in a kitchen garden

or simply in a pot, and marvel at seeing them grow up

Eat foods from the land as well as red foods such as tomatoes, peppers,

sweet potato, carrots etc.

Practice mediation, yoga and nature walks

Trampling or jumping from one foot to the other by pushing it well to the Earth

Walk barefoot in the grass

Treat yourself to a reflexology session or massage your feet

Take a tennis ball and roll it under the soles of your feet. (5 to 10 min. each foot)

And here is a technique that can be practiced both standing and sitting, the important thing is to have your feet flat on the ground, to promote a powerful contact with the Earth. It will only take you 5 minutes, but you will guarantee a real well-being.

Once your position is found, I advise you to calmly take 3 large ventral breaths, in order to relax and center yourself.

Now with your eyes closed, you will imagine great red roots coming out of your feet and sinking to connect you to the Earth.

Imagine that these roots start not only from your feet, but also from your ankles, your calves, as well as your thighs.

If you prefer to practice seated anchoring, make sure your feet are flat, and imagine that the roots do not only start from your feet but also from the feet of the chair.

By continuing to breathe calmly and deeply, feel those roots that sink deeper and farther, become larger and larger.

You are now aware that they are starting to cover more and more the space around you, your apartment or your workplace. Inhale deeply, exhale calmly. They now encompass your city and disperse to envelop your entire region. With each inspiration, imagine an energy that rises through your roots, along your legs and nourishes your whole body. This energy illuminates you and gives you confidence, power, joy, love, serenity and well-being.

Then at each expiration they continue to grow and sink progressively into the Earth. They now surround your country, then your whole continent. You feel that your legs are getting heavier, and your roots are now covering the entire Earth. Continue to visualize them, breathe calmly and feel this energy circulating in you, now that they cover the Earth, connect them to its core and if you wish, you can deposit an intention, such as:

A message of gratitude

Something you want to see in your life

I love my body and I listen to its needs

Or simply say "Thank you Mother Earth, I am perfectly anchored and connected to you

and I feel safe here and now and forever "

Here your little grounding exercise is now over, you are perfectly anchored and connected to Earth and at its core, you can open your eyes while keeping your roots well present.

You can help yourself to practice this exercise by listening to music that promotes and helps you to ground such as Native American songs, didgeridoo sounds, Om Indian mantras, or shamanic anchor music.

You will find a diversified playlist created especially for you, by clicking on the attached links → YouTube / OnoVita

I also recommend you to practice anchoring as many times as you feel the need !

But above all, remember that we can all give ourselves 5 minutes a day to contribute to our development and our personal development!

Thank you for reading




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