What do feathers mean ?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Nothing is a coincidence and finding a feather is a sign that your Guardian Angel is trying to communicate with you.

You have certainly come across a feather on your way. Maybe you barely paid any attention to it, or maybe like me, you're feathered every day and looking for some meaning or message in it all?

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Feathers are not an insignificant object, they're symbolic!

“Feathers appear when Angels are near.”

Finding a feather has several meanings. The first is a sign that you are surrounded by the spiritual world, your Angels or Guides of Light are close to you, they guide you and follow you in your evolution of life. The feathers can be put in your way to bring you a message or an answer to a question.

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Native American chiefs wore it on their headdresses to promote communication with the spirit world. They were a sign of a new beginning or even a rebirth.

The Egyptians, for their part, referred to Maat, goddess of truth, the balance of the world, peace and justice, wearing as a symbol above her head a vertical ostrich feather.

Colors and meanings

🕊 The black feather informs you that your guardian angel is protecting you. He surrounds you and guides you. In times of sadness or grief, he invites you to communicate with him. He will bring you the necessary peace and wisdom and will guide you on a path of well-being.

🕊 The white feather is a sign of purity, peace, hope and purification. It also means that your guardian angel is near you. He listens and hears your prayers. He reassures you that everything will be fine, he protects you. Finding a white feather can also mean the presence of a spirit guide (a deceased loved one).

🕊 The black and white feather, your guardian angel invites you here not to lose hope, life is not a long calm river, but remember that after the rain comes the good weather.

Let me be like a feather, wild and free. - OnoVita

🕊 The gray feather, your guardian angel here also encourages you not to lose hope because he does everything in his power so that you find peace. You may have been through some ups and downs, it's time to welcome happiness with gratitude. #gratitute#gratitude

🕊 The blue feather invites you to practice meditation. Your psychic gifts are activated and will experience an awakening, listen, feel and vibrate.

🕊 The brown feather encourages you to slow down a bit. Taking the time to be is necessary to have more clarity in your ideas and questioning. Take a break !

🕊 The yellow feather, your guardian angel informs you that you are on the right path, he encourages you to continue and congratulates you!

🕊 The red feather indicates to you here that you will know a real spiritual development. Welcome it with gratitude and thank life for this wonderful gift it offers you.

No matter the color or the meaning, finding a feather is a real blessing and a great sign of Love from your Angels. As you feel you can to collect it or not, but that said, do not forget to thank your Angels with gratitude, for the message, the presence, the protection, the guidance as well as the abundance of Love that they bring you every day. .

Remember that you are a Unique Being with natural abilities and talents. When you begin to develop these talents and develop yourself in this direction, you are returning your gift to humanity while raising the vibration of the Earth.


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