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What do feathers mean ?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Nothing is a coincidence and finding a feather is a sign that your Guardian Angel is trying to communicate with you.

You have certainly come across a feather on your way. Maybe you barely paid any attention to it, or maybe like me, you're feathered every day and looking for some meaning or message in it all?

If so, welcome to my blog ! #spiritual #spiritualawakening #enlightment


Feathers are not an insignificant object, they're symbolic!

“Feathers appear when Angels are near.”

Finding a feather has several meanings. The first is a sign that you are surrounded by the spiritual world, your Angels or Guides of Light are close to you, they guide you and follow you in your evolution of life. The feathers can be put in your way to bring you a message or an answer to a question.