Purify your home for a better life.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Sage, incense, flower of life... How to purify your home for a better harmony?

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You've probably already had the feeling of having something around you, to enter in a room and feel a heavy effect, a shiver, or even feel uncomfortable. These feelings can indeed be negative energies, even entities and although they are invisible to the naked eye, we feel their vibrations. Negative energies, whether they occur during arguments or not, "cling" to the walls and can prevent us from living healthily, such as having trouble sleeping, loss of libido, family quarreling and tension, lack energy or chronic fatigue, to affect our health. And although opening the windows allows us to change air and get rid of unpleasant odors, it is essential to know how to purify our place of life for maximum comfort and well-being.


Here are some rituals

At first, you must eliminate disorder and know how to get rid of everything that clogs you, because maintaining a tidy house is the key number 1 to allow energies to circulate well.


The sage

The fumigation of dried sage dissolves dark energies and will allow you to chase any negativity.

Closed windows go through each room, with the will to get rid of any negative source. After this purification, you are advised to fill the void created by cleaning the sage in your house. And for that you can burn incense, essential oils, use a Tibetan bowl, or listen to the Tibetan mantra OM MANI PADME UM.

Note: make sure to ventilate after this ritual.


The Palo Santo

The Palo Santo was used by Inca Shamans for religious-spiritual rituals. It is a very ancient tree. Its name means "Sacred Wood" or "Holy Wood". Indeed its fumigation "magic" attracts luck! It helps with meditation and relaxation, calms and soothes family tensions and clean up the negativities in your house.


The rosmary

This herb brings you healing. It fights against rheumatism, and facilitates digestion. If you mix it with sage, it will prevent negative energies from entering. You can hang a small bag at your front door, and it will take care to protect you. And if you suffer from insomnia, you can put it under your pillow, it will soothe you and help you sleep well.

You can also use it with coarse salt for your bath, it will clean you from any negative source.

If you are sick, pour it into a small pot and drop it on the bedside table or under your bed for 3 days, but be careful that there is nothing else under your bed because, as I already told you above, the disorder prevents the energies from circulating normally.


The plants

They bring life, help anchor, raise the vibratory rate, stimulate or soften the energies, and if you take care of them, they will give you back.

For example the Sansevieria Trifasciata, is a natural air purifier. This plant unlike the others, emits oxygen during the night, which makes it a great companion to have in your room.

Jasmine as well as Aloe Vera, although it is known to heal and protect the skin, improve the air and the energies around us. Just like the Peace Lily, which not only purifies the air, it promotes mental, physical and spiritual growth.

As for Bamboo, it is THE ultimate lucky plant ! It symbolizes peace, wisdom, abundance and luck. It also has different properties depending on its number of stems.


The Stones

Each of them has more or less different properties. Some soothe us others enliven us!

Here are some examples:

Malachite, is a stone that promotes communication, it brings

prosperity and has the power to appease and harmonize living spaces.

Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian both

a shield against negative energies.

Celestite as for it has a calming effect, it brings the harmony and

increases the vibratory rate of your home.

The Rose Quartz is considered the stone of tenderness and

love. It brings peace, harmonizes relationships, and promotes

self-confidence. Ideally placed in your bedroom.


The flower of life

This sacred and powerful geometric symbol has been known for millennia. Comprised of 19 circles that intersect and intermingle, it represents creation and growth. You can place it on a door, wall or piece of furniture to harmonize and protect your home. On your desk for better concentration or as a stand for your glasses, or fruit tray to purify your food and drink.

"Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. "

- Albert Einstein -


The incenses

Used to regulate the atmosphere and harmonize everyday life, its virtues vary according to the scents.

Here are a few :

Classic incense is often used in churches to promote calm and peace, it

reduces stress and drives out bad energies.

Lavender purifies the atmosphere, eliminates negative vibrations, facilitates

romantic relationships, reduces anxiety and depression, and fights against insomnia.

Rose incense is very good if you want to attract abundance, love and / or friendship.

Saffron incense will bring you healing, love, and joy.

The white sage purifies the places, brings protection and well-being, fulfills your wishes and hunt negativity


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