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Purify your home for a better life.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Sage, incense, flower of life... How to purify your home for a better harmony?

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You've probably already had the feeling of having something around you, to enter in a room and feel a heavy effect, a shiver, or even feel uncomfortable. These feelings can indeed be negative energies, even entities and although they are invisible to the naked eye, we feel their vibrations. Negative energies, whether they occur during arguments or not, "cling" to the walls and can prevent us from living healthily, such as having trouble sleeping, loss of libido, family quarreling and tension, lack energy or chronic fatigue, to affect our health. And although opening the windows allows us to change air and get rid of unpleasant odors, it is essential to know how to purify our place of life for maximum comfort and well-being.


Here are some rituals

At first, you must eliminate disorder and know how to get rid of everything that clogs you, because maintaining a tidy house is the key number 1 to allow energies to circulate well.


The sage

The fumigation of dried sage dissolves dark energies and will allow you to chase any negativity.