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Why living abroad can be so difficult

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

New opportunities, unknown happiness, and unimaginable experiences... it comes at a price

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Hidden deep inside a new traveler is a special thought, one that is not shared. I hope and prayer that the journey will open new opportunities, bring new levels of happiness, and unimaginable experiences. Despite going along with the “go travel, have fun, then come back to reality” perspective, a new traveler still dreams it will different. Why is this “come back to reality” perspective so common? Perhaps for the same reason that most travels come to an abrupt end. It is hard to live abroad, regardless of how amazing and enriching it can be. Most people give up, a fleeting dream when faced by the real obstacles that it takes to overcome in order to live successfully abroad. Obstacles like learning a foreign language, finding work, and developing meaningful relationships. Obstacles, that can actually be opportunities, and the difference needed to change a vacation into an adventure abroad. In this article, we will look at some of the most difficult challenges to living abroad, and why how you can overcome them to have your unimaginable foreign journey.

Learning a Foreign Language

Fluent in 3 months? I don’t think so. How good do you need to be to work in a foreign language? Very good! Not the sort of improvements that come in just 3 months, but rather in a couple years. Learning a foreign language well enough to professionally use is time consuming. Lack of proper language skills not only keep you from working, but also keep your social life on ice. Language is likely the single most important skill required to successfully living abroad. It is the glue that holds the society together, and required if you want to integrate.

Which Foreign Language to Learn

Most people are pretty rational about this. Generally choosing a language that is most su