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By: Dylan Skinner - Ono Vita

5 Reasons to Visit Gruyères Switzerland

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Gruyères Castle Court Yard, Switzerland, onovita

Gruyères Castle Court Yard - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @ono_vita

The old town of Gruyères is located atop a foothill of the alps overlooking the surrounding valley. Gruyères has been known for nearly a thousand years, and its medieval architecture and atmosphere have been remarkably preserved. Located roughly an hour and a half from Geneva, and even closer to the Capital (Bern), Gruyères is a must see stop on a tour of Switzerland. Gruyères is famous for its cheese, arts, history, and natural beauty. Here are five reasons to visit the medieval town of Gruyères:

#5 - The Gruyère Cheese Factory

raclette cheese, Gruyères, Switzerland, onovita

Cheese - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @ono_vita

Gruyere cheese really represents a type of cheese from a much broader Swiss region, but it is named after Gruyeres. It is famous for its use in raclette, French onion soup, and fondue.  The cheese factory in the town of Gruyeres produces cheese for visitors according to this timetable. It also has a restaurant if you choose to eat at the factory, or you can head up the hill to the old medieval town to for a meal. You can buy the cheese fresh from the factory on your visit. Want to know more about the cheese factory?

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#4 - The Art Museum (HR Giger Museum)

HR Giger Museum, Gruyères, Switzerland

HR Geiger Museum - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @faph_8

This museum features the art work of the Swiss artist and Academy Award winner Hans Ruedi Giger (H.R. Giger). The two-story museum sits just below the famous castle of Gruyères. It houses many of the works created by HR Giger, and his own personal art collection. There is a small fee for entry, and some works are considered dark for discretion should be taken when bringing young children. You can visit the home page of the museum here.

#3 - Eating Raclette & Fondue

Gruyères Town Streets with Fondue and Raclette, Switzerland, onovita

Raclette & Fondue - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @ono_vita

Raclette and Fondue are two of the most well known traditional swiss dishes. Both are heavily based on locally made cheese. Raclette consists of a well melted cheese (such as Gruyere), served with or on top of small potatoes, onions, pickles, and grilled bacon or dried meats. Raclette is generally cooked on a small cooker located on the table, as dinner occurs. Fondue, is a mixture of two cheeses, served with cubes of bread. Generally, fondue is eaten by putting a cube of bread in a melted pot of the cheese located on a small stove on the table. It is recommended to try both Raclette and Fondue on a trip to Switzerland.

#2 - The Medieval Town Streets

Gruyères Town Streets, Switzerland, onovita

Medieval Town Streets - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @ono_vita

These streets feel like they are straight out of a movie. It is hard not to feel inspired when you are walk the medieval town streets like people have for hundreds of years without a noticeable difference. The town is immaculately maintained, you walk down the coble stone streets, and take in the smell of swiss foods is in the air. Head down a narrow alley and find yourself overlooking a beautiful swiss valley. Explore the shops, restaurants, museums, and more in the town of Gruyères.

#1 - The Castle of Gruyère

Gruyères Castle, Switzerland, onovita

Castle of Gruyeres - 5 Reasons to visit Gruyères Switzerland - @ono_vita

The castle sits at the top of the town overlooking the surrounding Fribourg country side and distant mountains. Nearly the entire castle is on display for tour, with some 20 different areas to explore. You can walk the bedroom chambers, courtyards, kitchen, ramparts, climb the towers, and find yourself in the old grand dining room. Mixed throughout the castle are various old medieval artifacts, and a room full of beautiful paintings. A visit of the Castle of Gruyères is essential if you visit the town.  

Did you Know?

There are 26 Cantons in Switzerland speaking 4 different languages

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